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Movie Review: The Book Thief

Title: The Book Thief
Rating: PG-13
Our Rating: 5/5

Plot: Even though she couldn't read, Liesel Meminger's life changed when she picked up The Grave Digger's Handbook at her brother's graveside. After her brother's unexpected death, she is sent to live with Hans and Rosa Hubermann. Her new foster father teaches her to read, and from that point on, she can't get enough of it. When Hans and Rosa hide a Jew in their basement, Liesel is curious of this young man named Max. In their time together, Liesel and Max form a friendship, and he challenges her to be creative with the words given to her, and to hold on to hope (taken from Elinor's book review).

This movie was incredible! It was very heartfelt, inspiring, and encouraging. The actors that they chose portrayed the characters beautifully and true to the book. We loved this movie and would highly recommend it to anyone of appropriate age (most likely 12+, depending on maturity). Fair warning though, grab a box of tissue before you sit down!


Liesel Meminger: Being the main character of the story, Liesel is the person you grow closest to. She is inspiring because even though she has nearly everything taken from her, she never gives up hope. Her fascination with words, then books is brilliantly expressed and easy to relate to :).

Hans Hubermann: Hans is Liesel's adoptive father and one of the most endearing characters of the story. His immediate love for Liesel makes him wonderful from the moment you first see him. He is the one who first introduces Liesel to words and what they mean. Their relationship was unforgettable.

Rosa Hubermann: Rosa is Liesel's adoptive mother. She is a woman who very rarely lets her emotions show, even though she is a loving and caring mother. Her personality is perfectly portrayed in the movie as having a huge heart, but a temper to cover it up.

Rudy Steiner: As already shared in Elinor's book friends, Rudy Steiner is an unforgettable character (he's our favorite :)). He, like Hans, is smitten with Liesel from the moment he sees her. He is the friend for her that she needed; the friend that won't let her give up. 

Max Vandenburg: Max is a Jew who Liesel's family hides from the Nazis. He challenges her to use her words to express herself in ways she never imagined. She in turn, encourages him during the most challenging and frightening 3 years of his whole life.

Elinor's Thoughts: After I saw this movie when it came out in November, I HAD to read the book! And that made the movie even better to me! Now I'm not going to lie here, the book was better than the movie (as is always the case in my opinion), but I think that as far as movies based on books goes, this is the closest I think that it's ever gotten. The characters especially, were portrayed perfectly. And while you didn't get to know them as closely as you did in the book, you fell in love with each and everyone of them. I think that it is an inspiring story that I would highly recommend! This movie will always be a favorite and every time I watch it I will remember reading the book.

Favorite Quote:
"The only thing worse than a boy who hates you is a boy who loves you."

Marianne's Thoughts: This is one of the best movies I have ever seen! It is DEFINITELY an all-time favorite! If you haven't seen it, you're really missing out; you absolutely must see it! Fair warning though, if you cry at movies often, you will seriously cry at this one. Even if you don't cry at movies often you will cry at this one! I'm a crier; I cry at movies quite often, so when my mom and sister (who saw it before me) said that I would cry I was like "Oh, OK," I mean, I didn't think it would make me cry that hard. I don't wanna give anything away, but I have never cried at a movie as hard as I did at The Book Thief.  Also, open wounds or large amounts of blood bother me and make me light-headed, and being that this was a "war movie" I had my mom and sister watch it first. Just so you know (in case you're like me) there was no blood or wounds or anything gory. 
  Due to some violence, language, and the sheer heartbreak shown in the movie, I would recommend it to an older, mature audience. I absolutely LOVED this movie and HIGHLY recommend watching it (I wanna read the book now)! You can read our mom's movie review HERE!

Favorite Quote:
"I'm not lost to you, Liesel. You'll always be able to find me in your words. That's where I'll live on."

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