Thursday, April 3, 2014

Watercolor Card and Bookmark!

   Hello! Elinor recently made a bookmark for our friend Cheryl from the blog Simply Shoe Boxes. Cheryl reads our blog, and seeing that Marianne loves watercolors, she asked her to paint a gift-card that would match the bookmark! She asked for the items to be Amish-themed and this is what we came up with! If you are interested in purchasing a bookmark please go to Elinor's Blog and read the details.

After selling that card to Cheryl, I decided to make a few and put them in the same gift shop that my sis sells her items in. I'm just waiting to see how they do, but if you're interested in possibly purchasing one, please e-mail me at this address:
I would be thrilled to help you! I sold the Amish one for $5.00 (plus shipping), and they are 4 1/4" x 5 1/2"
These are the cards that I have just made to use as "trial cards".

I made them very Spring-ish and used bright colors, but I would be glad to make you one however you'd like!
The front of all the cards has a painting done by me and the inside is blank so that you may write whatever you want to inside! They also come with an envelope that matches the background color of each card. (I only have black and brown right now.)

Although I'd be thrilled to make you one with whatever image or theme you would like on it, 
please keep in mind that I am an amateur so I may not be able to do something extremely detailed or extravagant, but I will do my best! Thank You!


  1. Girls, I have to say I loved my package that this time I am enjoying them a little while before I send them off to Lorraine :-). But I promise to soon, they are just so neat. I have them lying on my dresser and my daughter came in (who loves art) picked up your card and said, wow, she did a great job didn't she? I love the pink flower one you show above, just lovely. Best wishes on your new adventure...and I am sure I will be ordering from you both in the future sometime when I need something extra special. Thanks again...and I love reading your blog even tho I don't comment often, I never miss a post (BTW, I LOVED your horse, but I loved it in all of its three different horses).

    1. Thank you so much! We absolutely loved making those items for you! I'm glad you enjoy reading our blog!