Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Book Friends #1

Hello! Each month we are going to write a post about a book character that we wish we had as a friend in real life. We will each choose one to share about, and explain why we would like them as a friend.

Marianne's Choice:
Beckett Rush from There You'll Find Me
By Jenny B. Jones
   I would want Beckett Rush as a friend because he was so hilarious! I loved not only his personality in general, but also his experience with learning about Jesus, and choosing to follow him. Being from a family who didn't particularly embrace that faith, he had a hard time understanding. His father was very pressuring towards him, and since Beckett was a big-name actor, was always trying to get his son on magazine covers - even if it meant lying. I wish I could have been there to encourage him through that difficult time in his life. He wanted to step out of the spotlight, and let God take control of his life, but his father was only concerned about the fame and the money.
   I loved Beckett from the very beginning of the book, and even though he came across as slightly haughty and careless, I soon realized it was all an act, and saw the true character beneath it all. Which was AWESOME! His real personality was sweet, funny, and kind, and I know he would've been a great friend!
You can read mine and Elinor's book review for There You'll Find Me HERE!
Elinor's Choice:
Rose from The Healer's Apprentice
by Melanie Dickerson

  I would love to have Rose as my friend! I think that she would be the friend that you could always count on to be there for you no matter what. She is gentle, kind, elegant, thoughtful, and caring. I think she would be an encouraging friend, and definitely one that you would know would accomplish great things. She is beautiful, inside and out, in a quiet way that doesn't demand attention, but deserves it. I became very attached to her when reading The Healer's Apprentice, and she will always be remembered. I loved reading 2 other of Melanie Dickerson's book about Rose's sons, and being able to see the life that she was blessed with.

  I think the reason I bonded with Rose so much was that Melanie Dickerson so clearly and easily expressed her struggles and feelings. Her love story was beautiful and you can read my review on it here.

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