Monday, December 2, 2013

Christmas 2013

Christmastime!!!  It's here! YES! Today we put up all of our Christmas decorations and I am so exited! Each year we have more and more ornaments to put on our tree. The poor thing's branches are sagging with the weight, but it still looks awesome!

Yeah, we had a massively fun time putting it all up. It was so great to unwrap all of the ornaments and put them on the tree. That tree holds many, many great Christmas memories. I can't wait for Christmas eve, we have a family tradition where we all sit in the family room and watch "The Polar Express" together while we drink hot cocoa. And I adore the anticipation and excitement of wondering what good ole St. Nick is going to bring everyone. ;)   I also found a fun Christmas song to share with you!
Mandisa - It's Christmas

So that's what my day has been like: great. We also have some family coming over soon to celebrate Thanksgiving/Christmas and I can't wait for that either! Oh, by the way, I'm currently reading a Christmas novella called "The Christmas Box" so you can expect a book review very soon!;)

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