Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Painting by Marianne

Hello again! Today I would like to tell you about a painting that I recently completed. I have a large interest in watercolors and I wanted to show everyone step by step pictures of my painting.
Step 1: After many uses of my eraser, I sketched the main parts of my painting. If you look closely, you can see the used-to-be pencil marks on the paper.
Step 2: I stroked the first layer of paint onto the paper, really only painting the wall, lace and shadows. Shadowing is my weak spot so please forgive me if they look more like little gray lines on the table cloth than actual shadows. :)
Step 3: I painted more washes and graded washes on the pitcher, tulips, leaves and saucer.
Step 4: I added another layer onto the wall and some small details like the rim of the teacup.
Step 5: I added yet another layer to the wall (getting darker with each layer), and shadows to the lace.
Step 6: I added the last layer to the wall and tulips,  added a very, very light blue wash to the pitcher, and painted all of the details on the teacup and saucer. Then the painting was DONE!
One of the details that I was proudest of: My teacup.
So, I was really pleased with how this painting turned out. In the end, it was worth the almost three hours I spent working on it. Besides I enjoy painting so spending almost three hours on it was fun.


  1. Beautiful! I have always loved watercolors since I was a little girl, but never had an opportunity to try them myself. I look forward to seeing more of your paintings.

    1. I am so glad that you enjoyed this post! I will be sure to do another one soon!
      Thanks for commenting!