Saturday, August 23, 2014

Book Review: The Butterfly and the Violin

Title: The Butterfly and the Violin
Author: Kristy Cambron
Rating: 5/5

Plot: Manhattan art dealer Sera James watched her world crumble at the altar two years ago, and her heart is still fragile. Her desire fir distraction reignites a passion for a mysterious portrait she saw as a young girl - a painting of a young violinist with piercing blue eyes. 
   In her search for the painting, Sera crosses paths with William Hanover - the grandson of a wealthy California real estate mogul - who may be the key to uncovering the hidden masterpiece. Together Sera and William slowly unravel the story behind the paintings subject: Austrian violinist Adele Von Bron. 
   A darling of the Austrian aristocracy of 1942, talented violinist, and daughter to a high-ranking member of the Third Reich, Adele risks everything when she begins smuggling Jews out of Vienna. In a heartbeat, her life of prosperity and privilege dissolves into a world of starvation and barbed wire.
   As Sera untangles the secrets behind the painting, she finds beauty in the most unlikely places: the grim camps of Auschwitz and the inner recesses of her own troubled heart.
Copied from the back of The Butterfly and the Violin

 I could easily say this has been the best book I have read in a long time. The story was beautifully crafted and eloquently worded in ways that made you feel as if you really were in the darkest corners of Auschwitz. It was an amazing book that I will definitely read again in the future and recommend to all my friends and family.

Characters: Even though I was able to connect with all of the characters in an incredible way, I definitely connected with Adele the best. Cambron wrote her in a way that you could just understand. I loved every character and will not easily for get any of them.

Emotion: While this was mostly a depressing book, there was some humor now and then to try to relieve the reader a little bit! I felt that the book really showed what Auschwitz would have been like. It didn't sugar coat anything and depicted the rawness of it all beautifully.

Quality: As I said before, I haven't a book this amazing in ages. The author did an outstanding job with everything. It was obvious that she had done plenty of research, but she wove into the story perfectly so you felt like you learned something, but you hadn't just received an entire history lecture or anything!

My Thoughts: I absolutely LOVED this book! The romance level was perfect. I loved how everything connected in the end to create a beautifully complex and original story. I loved everything about this book and wouldn't change a thing that happened. I can't wait for the next Kristy Cambron book to come out!

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