Thursday, February 6, 2014

Painting By Marianne #3

Hey everyone! So, I noticed that my painting posts have been getting a whole lot of page views therefore, I am going to do my best to write more and more of them! I got my inspiration for this next one from this site:   

Step 1: After choosing the colors that would best match my room, I began painting differently sized portions of the canvas in different colors.

Step 2: I finished painting the entire canvas, making sure that all of the white areas (or most of them anyway) were completely covered.

Step 3: After the paint had dried, I put painter's tape on it alternating diagonal directions, and painting white paint over it.

 Step 4: After the white paint dried, I removed the painter's tape (don't worry, no matter how hard and fast you yank, it won't chip your paint... believe me, I experimented :D).

Then my painting was DONE!!!!

 This wasn't my usual painting, but I'm very glad I did it! Mine was a little bit sloppy, because there in the beginning I was having trouble figuring out how and where to place the tape, but, I still love it! 
Thanks for Reading!

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