Thursday, February 13, 2014

Book Review: Secret Keeper

Review By Marianne
Title: Secret Keeper: The Delicate Power of Modesty
Author: Dannah Gresh 
Rating: 5/5
Age Recommendation: 12+

This book was amazing! My sister has read it before and you can read her review HERE! Anyway, since she enjoyed so much she shared it with me. I absolutely LOVED every part of it! The author wrote it in such an amazing way that you could just understand what she was saying. While I've always considered myself a modest young women, this book helped me become even more modest. Another thing that I liked, was that Ms. Gresh didn't just shout commands and try to force the readers to be modest, instead, she thoroughly explained modesty and the power of it. She opened my eyes and showed me how something that we consider to be "no biggie" (like a bra strap showing, for example) can really do bad things to a guy's head. Even if he's a good guy, something like that can do a lot. This book is definitely a favorite and the information that it gave will stick with me ALWAYS. I would recommend it to any young woman who is striving  to live her life for God. 

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