Sunday, February 2, 2014

Painting By Marianne #2

Hello again! I recently finished a painting and I wanted to share about it! My mom asked me to re-create a picture I had made for her when I was younger, except, this time on canvas.
This is the old picture:

I instantly began thinking of small improvements that I could make, including an actual setting instead of just loose vines. I chose for the setting to be a picket fence, with a house in the background. 

Step 1: I sketched all of the main parts of my painting except for the butterflies.

Step 2: I painted a soft green for the grass and a soft grayish blue for the sky.

Step 3: I painted a darker green on the vines, a reddish brown on the house, and black on the roof , door, and stone path of the house. After that I painted the butterflies. I did this by pressing my flat brush into the pink, blue, yellow, or orange paint, getting both sides of the brush covered, and then dipping the end into black for a nice edge.

Step 4: Then, after painting the sun and clouds, my painting was done!

After that I had to clean up my mess... it was a big one!

But, that's part of painting, I guess! Anyway, I had a really fun time making this and my mom loved it! 
Thanks for reading!

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  1. I love the picket fence and background as an anchor...but I love the original, too, I can see why your mom choose to have you make it more permanent on canvas. I also like how you kept the background more muted so the bright colors in the foreground still "steal the show."