Monday, January 27, 2014

Book Friends #2

Marianne's Choice:
Gisela Mueller from The Captive Maiden
By Melanie Dickerson

   I loved reading about Gisela in The Captive Maiden. I think that she was truly beautiful, inside and out. She was compassionate, strong, courageous, and I know that she'd be a great friend. She went through many struggles in her life, beginning with her father's death, and going on to her awful step-mother and step-sisters treatment towards her. I think it would've been nice for her to have had a friend to talk to about those things instead of just telling herself she didn't care how they treated her.  She went through a lot, but she overcame and made it through the difficult times. She came out of it more beautiful than ever.

   I absolutely LOVED how the author described Gisela and her feelings. I loved how no matter what happened to her, she loved God and found her hope in him. I really enjoyed this book and if you haven't read it yet, I really recommend doing so. 
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Elinor's Choice:
Nancy Drew

   I have always loved reading her adventures, and I've known her since I was about 9, so I think that Nancy Drew has already become a book friend that I will never forget! She is talented, clever, and quick on her feet. Her mysteries have kept me reading past bedtimes; and even though every time you read one, you know it will end with the classic super hero/Sherlock Holmes ending of nabbing the bad guy, you just have to keep reading!

   Her family and friends are very easily connected to as well. Some of the most memorable are Carson Drew (her father), George Fayne (her best friend), Bess Marvin (her other best friend and cousin to George), Hannah Gruen (her housekeeper), and of course, Ned Nickerson (her boyfriend).

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