Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Book Review: Two Tickets to the Christmas Ball

Review by Elinor
Title: Two Tickets to the Christas Ball
Author: Donita K. Paul
Rating: 4/5

Plot: Cora Crowder just can't seem to get into the holiday spirit. When she finds a ticket in a used book to "The Christmas Ball" she decides not to go. But when her handsome boss also finds a ticket, things begin to get complicated. To the two of them, it appears that some interesting bookstore owners are trying their hand at matchmaking. And then they decide that going to the ball might not be such a bad idea. As things begin to progress, the they both find themselves being challenged to love God in greater ways than they have before.

The plot was sweet, although I felt a tad bit cliche and cheesy, it was still something that I enjoyed. It held some truths that were good reminders, and over-all just had a cozy, Christmas-time feel to it. Like An Irish Christmas, it's not one that I'll read again, but it was worth it the first time.

Characters: I felt that these characters were very easy to connect with, even within a short amount of time. I didn't feel like they were great friends or anything by the end of the book, but they (and their relationships) were all very sweet.

Emotion: This story had a wide range of emotions, again, for such a short book. I'll admit that the way they were portrayed was a tad odd at times, but there was a wide range nonetheless. I really enjoyed the romance side of the story, because it wasn't physical, but it was based on a true respect and love for one another.

My Thoughts: Like I said before, it's not a book that I'll ever pick up again, but it was definitely worth it the first time. It was another short, sweet, Christmas book that I would recommend for anybody wanting something to read just before Christmas. The only content that I would consider more mature was the fact that Cora had been abused as a child, and it was something that she had to work through. It was only directly mentioned a couple of times, so I think it would be okay for most audiences.

Thanks so much for reading!


  1. AWWW!!! this definably sounds like a sweet book! I might just read it! -Abi

    1. It was very sweet, I would definitely recommend it. I usually have a hard time connecting with shorter books, but it wasn't that way at all with this one!