Friday, January 9, 2015

Book Review: Crossed

Review by Elinor
Title: Crossed
Author: Ally Condie
Rating: 3/5

Plot: After being sent to the Outer Provinces, Cassia Reyes sneaks away on an air ship to search for Ky. She and another girl named Indie, run to the Canyon, each with her own purposes. Ky runs to the Canyon from his camp with a young man named Vick and a boy named Eli. When they finally make it to each other, each person must decide whether or not they wish to continue to join the Rising against Society.

The second book in this dystopian trilogy, this book was mostly building blocks for the final book. While I understand that there has to be building blocks, I have to admit that I became a bit bored with 350+ pages of building blocks. The book really didn't get very interesting until about the last quarter.

Characters: Being that this story was mainly leading up to something greater, there was a very great deal of character development, which I did enjoy. I learned to love each of the characters in different ways, and got to know them on a much deeper level.

Emotion: With the character development, there was also many new feelings that each person was facing. I absolutely love Ally Condie's writing style towards emotion. It was so deep, yet it was simply stated.

My Thoughts: Like I said, this book was mostly building blocks to the next story. I do believe that the time the author put into explaining these things will make the next book even better. I just found it a bit hard to push myself through this one. I had to keep reminding myself that it was going to get more interesting in the next book, and that it was going to be worth it. The character development was pretty much the highlight here. This book had a few kissing scenes, and I think there were two uses of "the d word", so when recommending this book, I would be sure to mention this. I have started the last book in this series, and it is AMAZING so far, a great page-turner. I think that it was definitely worth the extra time spent in this book.

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