Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Quick Encouragement #33

Rend Collective - Simplicity

By Marianne

"Lord, strip it all away, till only You remain."

That almost sounds like a prayer I've said before. It's so amazing what God can do if we only trust Him. We can afford to strip it all away because God will provide for us. Elinor is currently reading a book called God's Smuggler it's an autobiography written by a man called Brother Andrew. And she was telling me about it, and this man, he had pretty much no money. He was going to a college for missionaries and was running very low on cash. So low, that he was brushing his teeth with salt because he couldn't afford toothpaste, let alone to renew his visa and pay for the next school semester. In worldly things, you could easily say he had nothing. But do you know what? God provided for him. He not only made sure that Andrew had food to eat and a place to sleep, but He also made sure that he had the money to continue going to school in a foreign country. 

You could say that Brother Andrew had many worldly things stripped away. But God still remained. And He provided for Andrew. If you're going through a tough time spiritually, financially, physically... whatever it may be, PLEASE REMEMBER that GOD REMAINS. He will protect you and watch out for you. All YOU have to do is let Him.

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