Monday, June 2, 2014

Movie Review: God's Not Dead

Title: God's Not Dead
Rating: PG
Our Rating: 5/5

Plot:   Josh Wheaton enrolls in a secular college, not knowing that his philosophy professor strongly disagrees with the Christian faith, and openly mocks students who don't. Despite the resistance of his girlfriend, Josh accepts the professor's challenge to defend his beliefs rather than state that God is dead.

   We really enjoyed this movie, and found it very encouraging. It very clearly portrayed the moral, which was to stand up for what you believe in, no matter what. It was over-all an enjoyable, family-friendly movie that had an important message.

Josh: Josh Wheaton is a college freshman that is not willing to back down when it comes to what he believes in, even if it means risking his future. His hope is to convince his classmates that there is a very real and loving God.

Professor Radisson: Professor Radisson teaches Josh's philosophy class. He is a strong atheist and thinks that people who believe in God are weak. When Josh refuses to state that God is dead, the professor makes him defend God.

Pastor Dave: When Josh is searching for answers, Pastor Dave encourages him to fight for his faith. He tells Josh that the best place to find answers is in God's word.

Amy: Amy is a news reporter, who is also a strong atheist. She interviews Christians with the intention of ridiculing their faith. During the movie, she discovers that she has cancer, and reevaluates her priorities.

Mina: Mina is Professor Radisson's girlfriend, but she is a Christian herself. Her mother has dementia, and can't remember who she or her brother is. Mina tries to persuade her brother to accept their mother's situation, and Christ; but he refuses both. 

Ayisha: Ayisha was raised in a Muslim family, but converted to Christianity secretly. When her family finds out, she is turned out of their home. She seeks help and encouragement from Pastor Dave.

Martin: Martin is one of Josh's classmates. He is uncertain who to believe: the professor or Josh. His father strongly encourages him towards the professor, but Martin is still unsure.

Elinor's Thoughts: I thought this movie was great! It was really encouraging in not accepting something, even if everyone else is telling you to. I also really liked that the acting was of good quality, unlike some Christian-themed movies. There was a scene or two that felt a little cliche, however I really enjoyed the over-all plot of the movie, being that it is something that we see in our culture every day. I am really excited that this movie did so well, and would recommend it as an encouragement to anybody.

Marianne's Thoughts: I loved this movie! There was a part or two that was slightly predictable, but other than that, this movie was PERFECT! I love seeing Christian movies sell so big! The acting was very good, and the characters were very understandable. Another thing I liked was that there were several characters that you were following, but it didn't feel overwhelming, or like you didn't get to learn much about each person individually. I will point out though, that there are a few scenes that might be difficult for younger children. I don't want to give anything away, but these scenes include a man harming his daughter, a person being hit by a car, and a woman realizing she has cancer. All of these scenes were completely necessary, and were there to show how fallen our world really is, and how hopeless and meaningless life is without Jesus. Depending on maturity level, your kids may be totally fine with it, you can make that decision, I just thought I'd mention it.  Overall, this was a very sweet and encouraging movie that I would highly recommend!

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