Sunday, May 18, 2014

Book Review: The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe

Title: The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe
Author: C. S. Lewis
Rating: 5/5

Plot: The four children Peter, Susan, Edmund, and Lucy, are sent away from their mother due to air-raids going on in London during WW2. They go to temporarily live with a strange old professor in his mansion until it is safe for them to return home. While there, the youngest of them, Lucy, steps in to an old wardrobe only to find herself transported to a completely different world, and eventually, all four of the children enter! There they meet many new friends and enemies, and embark on a strange new adventure to find Aslan, and defeat the White Witch.

I really enjoyed this book! If you have seen the Narnia movies (as I have) you will already know the story, but it is still definitely worth reading! I loved seeing all of the characters' thoughts and feelings on such a deep level (as it is sometimes hard to do with a movie).

Characters: As I said, I saw the movies prior to reading the book so therefore, I already "knew" the characters. However, being able to really read what they each think and feel in every situation was quite a treat! My favorite character (besides Aslan) would have to be Lucy. 

Emotion: C. S. Lewis explains both scenes and emotions in such a strange way that it makes it easy to "see" the story and how it's taking place. I know that sounds kind of weird, but it's true! Read it and you'll see!

My Thoughts: This was a very good book that I would highly recommend! It isn't very long, so I think an 8+ audience would greatly enjoy this adventure. And of course I absolutely adored the main message of this story: Jesus Christ is our Savior and Conqueror. He died for our sins because He loves us so much and then later, rose form the dead.

Favorite Quote:
"Perhaps it has happened to you in a dream that someone says something which you don't understand but in the dream it feels as if it has some enormous meaning - either a terrifying one which turns the whole dream into a nightmare or else a lovely meaning to lovely to put into words, which make the dream so beautiful that you remember it all your life and are always wishing you could get into that dream again."

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